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Mar 17, 2018

Mi 4i Reset Mi Account Done with ultimate Multi Tool [Tested]

Mi 4i Reset Mi Account with ultimate Multi Tool Full Solution

Here is a full step by step tutorial for how to reset Mi Account in xiaomi Mi 4i Smartphone, yes we have checked this tutorial solution and happy to announce thagt this will work for your Problem if you forget your Mi account and you want to reset it.
Mi 4i Reset Mi Account Done

How to Reset Mi Account with ultimate Multi Tool

Open Ultimate Multi Tool and Go to Read & Tools Tab.
Select "Brand" Generic Qualcomm and "Model" Any Model.
Tick mark on "Auto Detect" coloumn.
Now click on "reset Mi account" and it will start automatically.


Operation : Reset Mi Account
Checking for existing devices...Found
Port : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM87)
Driver Info : Huawei Incorporated, qu_usb_serial.sys,
Opening Port...OK
Init Handshake Sequence...OK
Hardware ID : E1B09000 [8936] 00000000
OPK_DATA : 079E496E26A477B120DFCD85DF7E4AD067164D8292DDD379930D5891E3D8240B
Initializing Protocol...OK
Using Auto Loader Selection [1]
Preparing Firehose Loader...Done
Sending Loader [8936_003.ufl]...Done
Executing Loader...OK
Detecting Chip Type...OK
Hardware : 8936, eMMC, 16 GB
LU Count : 1 [0x01D5C000] 
WARNING! High Speed Driver is not installed.
Please install driver from QcFire\Drivers folder using Device Manager.
Payload Info : In: 65536 [4096], Out: 16384, Sector Size: 512
Reading Partition Table...OK
Reading Device Information...OK
Device : Xiaomi Mi 4i [msm8916]
Software : LRX22G, V8.5.3.0.LXIMIED [Tue Sep 26 17:10:00 CST 2017]
Android Ver. : 5.0.2
Patch Level : 2017-01-01
Resetting Mi Account Data...Done
Preparing Data...Done
Formatting Userdata...Done
When phone is completely ON, connect to Internet and add Mi Account.
Operation Finished.
Module Ver. 1.9

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