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Mar 17, 2018

Coolpad Dazen 1 (8297L-I00) IMEI repair with BST Dongle

How to Repair IMEI in Coolpad Dazen 1 (8297L-I00) Full Tutorial

  1. Connect BST Donfle and Open BST Software Tool
  2. Select Xiaomi (Mi) module then select Module note 4
  3. Go to "service tab" put IMEI then Click on "write" Button
  4. Remember that USB Debugging must be ON in phone
  5. Now connect your smartphone in  Normal mode via USB
    Coolpad Dazen 1 IMEI repair done

Download BST Latest Version


Writing Device Info ... 
Writing IMEI1 ... OK
Writing IMEI2 ... OK
Operation successfully completed

Checking environment ...
System Info
  Display ID:     KTU84P
  System Ver:     4.4.4 REL
  API Level:      19
  Incremental:    1370200
  Model:          Coolpad 8297L-I00
  Brand:          Coolpad
  Device:         Coolpad8297L-I00
  Platform:       msm8916
  Product:        Coolpad8297L-I00
  Language:       en
  Rigion:         US

Device Info
  Serial number:  16db3c30
  Hardware:       qcom
  Bootmode:       unknown
  Bootloader ver: unknown
  Revision:       0
  Main version:   
  Baseband ver:   msm
  GSM baseband:   GW_T0_103570204_03 [20150508 145327]  8297.201505.12.1 
  GSM sim state:  NOT_READY
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  WiFi interface: 
  WiFi MAC:       18:dc:56:55:98:65
  WiFi state:     INACTIVE
  Network [1]:    GSM    IMEI: 911450750949096
  Root Access:    ROOTED

Get device information done , time used 5.93s
Time used : 6.0 s

Reboot device to NORMAL mode ...
Re-scan device before any operation please

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