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Jul 6, 2018

Miracle Moto Tool Version 2.00 Thunder Edition Setup Download

Miracle Moto Tool Version 2.00 Thunder Edition 

Note : Miracle Huawei or Miracle FRP Pack Require for Moto ToolWhat's New In Update:-
1. Add Blank Flash Write
2. Add MSM8960 Boot Repair
3. Add MTK New Modles support Supported Flash/FRP


# MOTOROLA Xt-1800 G5 plus MOTOROLA Xt-1801 G5 plus
# MOTOROLA Xt-1802 G5 plus MOTOROLA Xt-1803 G5 plus
# MOTOROLA Xt-1804 G5 plus MOTOROLA Xt-1805 G5 plus
# MOTOROLA Xt-1806 G5 plus MOTOROLA Xt-Xt1758
# MOTOROLA Xt-Xt1766 # MOTOROLA Xt-Xt1767
# MOTOROLA Xt-Xt1768
4. Some Function Improved
Other Features
Motorola Qualcomm Devices
# Read Device Info Normal Mode Ap Fastboot Mode
# Diag Mode Simlocks
# Direct Unlock Most Moto Qcom Devices
# Direct Unlock Most Moto Sprint Devices without root
# Reset Security IMEI Repair 2 Methods
# Moto Method
# Generic Qcom Method
# Write Meid (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
# Write Esn (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
# Write Spc (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
# Reset Spc (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
# Meid to Esn Converter
# Read Qcn Write Qcn Read Efs Restore Efs Reset Efs
Moto FRP Reset Single Click
# XT1760 Old & New XT1761 XT1762 XT1763 XT1764 XT1769
# XT1721 XT1723 Old & New XT1724 Old & New XT1725 Old & New
# XT1726 Old & New XT1663 XT1750 XT1752 XT1754 XT1755 Old & New
# XT1756 XT1757 Old & New XT1760 XT1770 Old & New XT1771
# XT1772 XT1773 Old & New XT1902 ASUS X08
Moto Qualcomm FRP AUTO
# Moto XT 1021 Moto XT 1063 Moto XT 1092 Moto XT 1093 Moto XT 1095
# Moto XT 1096 Moto XT 1254 Moto XT 1521 Moto XT 1526 Moto XT 1527
# Moto XT 1528 Moto XT 1540 Moto XT 1550 Moto XT 1557
# Moto XT 1562 Moto XT 1565
# Moto XT 1575 Moto XT 1585 Moto XT 1602 Moto XT 1607
# Moto XT 1621 Moto XT 1622 Moto XT 1625 Moto XT 1641
# Moto XT 1642 Moto XT 1643 Moto XT 1644 Moto XT 1650 Moto XT 1655 Moto XT 1676
Basic Tab
# Read Info Sim Lock Read Codes/Direct Unlock
# IMEI Repair IMEI1/IMEI2 Misc Tab
# Enable ADB 2 Different Methods
# Factory Mode or Fastboot Mod FRP Reset
# 4 MEthods (Need usb Debug - NoRoot Needed)
# Nexus 6 FRP Reset New Security Factory Reset
# Normal Mode Fastmode Mode Reset Screen locks
# Normal Mode / Custom Recovery Mode Bootloader Tab
# One Click Reboot Tool Reboot Bootloader/Fastboot
# Reboot Download Reboot Normal Reboot Recovery
# Turn Off Get Unlock Data Relock Unlock
Moto Factory Flasher
# Ability to Direct Flash Factory Firmwares
# Zip or Firmware xml Files Ability to Select Partitions
# Md5 Checksum
# Check and Compare Directly All Files in Flash Package
# Ability to Generate Flashing Script* Worlds first
# Firmware zip or xml to bat
Manual Flasher
# Flash in Boot Recovery ModeFlash Erase Before Write
# Reboot After Flash Flash any Parttion
Sideload and Recovery mode Flasher
# Flash in Sideload Mode Flash in Recovery Mode
This Just Beginning.....
Thunder Power Millions of Mobile Repairing Solution
Br [SV] Miracle Team

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