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Jul 6, 2018

Miracle Falcon LG Pack v2.0 Released Setup Download

Miracle Falcon LG Pack v2.0 Released 

 Falcon Box
Next Generation Multi Brand Tool
LG Module V2.0 [22nd June 2018]
[+] Can Available on Miracle key Activation
Release Notes


[+] Custom Erase Rom Custom Erase Any Single Partition
[+] Factory Reset in Download Mode Auto Detect Diag port Option
[+] Reboot From Diag to Download Mode Auto Authorization when you open Module
[+] Auto Authorization No need Login
LG Pack Features LG Flashing Ability to Flash Kdz Firmware
-Ability to Flash Tot Firmware
LG Factory Firmware Download Support
-Download Latest Firmware Using Imei or Esn
- Just Write IMEI & Download Firmware
Read InfoAdb Mode Diag Mode Modem Mode
-Download Mode Network Unlock Direct Unlock
User Locks
-Normal Mode or Download Mode
-Reset Pin/Pattern/Password Locks in Normal or Download Mode
-Factory Reset in Normal or Download Mode
FRP Unlock
-Reset Frp Lock Most LG Devices Normal or Download Mode
-2 Methods Supported
-New and Old Security Devices Supported
Repair Tool
-Supports Repair Using Modem or Diag Mode
-Repair Imei1/Imei 2 Repair Meid/Esn/Spc Methods Supported
Enable Diag Port One Click Enable Diag
Models Supported More then 100 no More then 250 no
More then 500 no More then 600+ Models  642 Models Supported
# LG-K240F LG-K580  LG-K430DSY LG-H870DS LG-M430
# LG-K500DSZ  LG-H959  LG-L22  LG-H410  LG-K420DS
# LG-F620L LG-K200F LG-VS987  LG-F370S  LG-H962
# LG-H962  LG-K430TR  LG-K500TR  LG-K130F  LG-L-02E
# LG-US215  LG-K332  LG-P713TR  LG-F400K
# LG-D415RD  LG-H955P  LG-K121  LG-K350H  LG-K520DY
# LG-LS751  LG-V522  LG-V521  LG-K430TV  LG-RS988 LG-LS675
# LG-D610TR  LG-K530F LG-E425J  LG-F700S  LG-H961N  LG-LS665
# LG-E415G  LG-US375  LG-K520K  LG-H960AR  LG-P505R  LG-F620K
# LG-D852  LG-K200MT  LG-H990DS  LG-D950W  LG-F320L  LG-E615F
# LG-K557  LG-M400MT  LG-K240F  LG-MS550  LG-H630I  LG-H860
# LG-H445 LG-H788  LG-H818N  LG-P659BK  LG-P659BKGO  LG-V410
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