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Jul 8, 2018

EFT Dongle Version 1.3.8 FIRST IN THE WORLD Is Released Setup Download

EFT Dongle Version 1.3.8 FIRST IN THE WORLD Is Released 

EFT Dongle New Update 28/06/2018
Software V1.3.8
What is New ?


EFT Dongle Version 1.3.8 Is Released:
[HUAWEI] Added flashing XML board firmwares (fastboot) - Beta
[MTK] Added dump data & contacts in power off mode - Beta
[MTK] [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added Root kernel function (Unlocked bootloader) - (dump boot.img from device and make it then reflash)
[MTK] [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added new method to remove screenlock on encrypted data
[QUALCOMM] [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added Root kernel function (Unlocked bootloader - OEM unlocked)
[QUALCOMM] ability to use custom FireHouse
[QUALCOMM] Added dump data & contacts in EDL mode - Beta
[QUALCOMM] Added Remove screenlock without losing data (EDL Mode)
[QUALCOMM] [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added remove screenlock (SystemUI) for encrypted data (with option to fix SystemUI after backup data) - two methods
[QUALCOMM] Supported new devices for operations (flash - read flash - remove encrypted screenlock - reset FRP)
[SAMSUNG] Added fix dead boot in 9008 mode for models:
- G930XU5 G935XU5 N950U2
[SAMSUNG] Added Root in Download mode for builds:
-- New QUALCOMM supported devices
(flash - read flash - remove encrypted screen lock - backup/restore data - reset FRP - Root):
ACER-DC100 (DC100 LTE DS) ACER-T01 (Liquid Z330 LTE DS)
ACER-T012 (Liquid Z320 LTE DS)
ARCHOS-45B Helium (45B Helium LTE) ARCHOS-50B Helium (50B Helium LTE DS)
ARCHOS-50D Helium (50D Helium LTE DS) ARCHOS-50E Helium (50E Helium LTE DS)
BLU-D0010UU (Dash X LTE DS) BLU-L0000UU (Life X LTE)
BLU-L0050UU (Life XL LTE DS) BLU-L0051UU (Life XL LTE DS)
BLU-L0091UU (Life One X2 LTE DS) BLU-L0130UU (Life One X2 Mini LTE DS)
BLU-S0010UU (Studio 7.0 LTE DS) BLU-S0030UU (Studio G LTE DS)
BLU-S0040UU (Studio C5+5 LTE DS) BLU-S0050UU (Studio C5+5 LTE DS)
BLU-S0070UU (Studio Selfie LTE DS) BLU-V0010UU (Vivo Air LTE)
BLU-W000Q (Studio Mini LTE 2) BLU-W010Q (Studio Mini LTE 2)
BLU-X010Q (Life One (2015) LTE DS) BLU-X011Q (Life One (2015) LTE DS)
BLU-X020Q (Life One XL LTE DS) BLU-X030Q (Life One XL LTE DS)
BLU-X100Q (Studio Mini LTE) BLU-Y530Q (Studio 5.0 LTE)
BLU-Y650Q (Studio 6.0 LTE DS) BLU-Z010Q (Studio Mini LTE)
BQ-Aquaris E5 (Aquaris E5 LTE DS Vegetalte) BQ-Aquaris E5S (Aquaris E5S LTE DS Vegetalte)
BQ-Aquaris M5 (Aquaris M5 LTE DS Piccolo) BQ-Aquaris M5.5 (Aquaris M5.5 LTE DS Namek)
BQ-Aquaris U (Aquaris U LTE DS Chaozu) BQ-Aquaris U Lite (Aquaris U Lite LTE DS Chaozulite)
BQ-Aquaris U Plus (Aquaris U Plus LTE DS Tenshi) BQ-Aquaris U2 (Aquaris U2 LTE DS Yamcha)
BQ-Aquaris U2 Lite (Aquaris U2 Lite LTE DS Yamchalite) BQ-Aquaris V (Aquaris V LTE DS Nappa)
BQ-Aquaris V Plus (Aquaris V Plus LTE DS Raditz) BQ-Aquaris X (Aquaris X LTE DS Bardock)
BQ-Aquaris X Pro (Aquaris X Pro LTE DS Bardock) BQ-Aquaris X5 (Aquaris X5 LTE DS Picmt)
BQ-Aquaris X5 Plus (Aquaris X5 Plus LTE DS Gohan)
BQ-BQS-5025 (HighWay LTE DS) BQ-BQS-5037 (Strike Power LTE DS)
Note : Automatic Update Download, Data downloads are limited to a file size of 15 MB or smaller.
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