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Jun 8, 2018

Uni-Android Tool UAT Version 18.02 Released Setup Download

Uni-Android Tool UAT Version 18.02 Released 

Biggest ever All in One Android Tool
With Basic to Advance Functions Present and Next Generation Tool
Update # 36 What is New ?
Added Following Samsung Models with the Following Support
Reset FRP in Download Mode This function will erase users data
Not supports All binary code(s) if you got any error on it, Just Read or Write Pit.
SM-A310F SM-A310M SM-A310Y SM-A310N0 SM-A310X SM-A320F
SM-A320FL SM-A320Y SM-A510K SM-A510L SM-A510S SM-A510F
SM-A510FD SM-A510M SM-A510Y SM-A5100 SM-A520F SM-A520K
SM-A520L SM-A520S SM-A7108 SM-A710F SM-A710FD SM-A710L SM-A710K
SM-A710M SM-A710S SM-A710X SM-A710Y SM-A7100 SM-A720F (Rev4)
SM-A810F SM-A810YZ SM-A9000 SM-A910F SM-J727V  SM-J727P
SM-J510F  SM-J510FN SM-J510G SM-J510Y SM-J510M SM-J330F
SM-J330G SM-J701F SM-J701M SM-J710F SM-J710FN SM-J710M
SM-J710MN SM-J7108 SM-G390F SM-G550FY SM-G570  SM-G570F
SM-G570Y SM-G600FY SM-G610F SM-G610M SM-G610Y SM-G9200
SM-G9208 SM-G9209 SM-G920A SM-G920AZ SM-G920F SM-G920FQ
Added Write CERT by UART for the Following Samsung Models
Fixed MTK Device Detection in Flash Mode
Read Info. [Flash Mode]
Reset FRP [Flash Mode]
Added Read Pattern [Flash Mode]
Secured boot, Encrypted Userdata and Android version Higher Than 5.x.x is not Supported
Added Following Asus Models with Following Support
Reset FRP, Repair IMEI, Format
ZenFone Live L1 ZA550KL
ZenFone V Live V500KL
10. or D
Added Following Support for 10. or D
Goto Qualcomm Tab > Select MSM 8917_10. or D Internal Loader
Reset FRP Reset All Locks Format Read Pattern
Backup Security Wipe Security Restore Security
Fixed ZTE Wipe and Backup Security issue.
WARNING : IMEI Changing is illegal in Most of Countries. IMEI Repair is Intended to Repair IMEI to its Original IMEI Written in Phone Back .
We are not responsible for any Problem caused by mis-using this Function. User will be Sole Responsible for any illegal Activity done by using this Function.
No Box , No Dongle , No Tension of any Hardware Damage or any Driver Installations.
No need of waiting for any Shipping or any Stock availability, Just Download ,get Register and buy Activation.

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