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Apr 10, 2018

Vivo v5 plus frp unlock UMT Dongle vivo 1611

Vivo v5 plus frp unlock UMT Dongle  vivo 1611 vivo frp 7.0.1 v5 frp

Vivo v5 plus frp unlock UMT Dongle  vivo 1611 vivo frp 7.0.1 v5 frp
Operation : Reset FRP
Checking for existing devices...Not Found
Turn Off phone, hold Vol UP + Vol DOWN and insert USB cable.
Some phones may need Special Boot Cable or TestPoint for EDL mode.
Found Port : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM73)
Driver Info : Qualcomm Incorporated, qcusbser.sys,
Connecting to phone...OK
Waiting for response...Ignored
Init Handshake Sequence...OK
Hardware ID : E1600400 [8953] 00000000
Initializing Protocol...OK
Using Auto Loader Selection [1]
Preparing Firehose Loader...Done
Sending Loader [8953_014.ufl]...Done
Executing Loader...OK
Detecting Chip Type...OK
Hardware : 8953, eMMC, 64 GB
LU Count : 1 [0x0747C000]
WARNING! High Speed Driver is not installed.
Please install driver from QcFire\Drivers folder using Device Manager.
Payload Info : In: 65536 [4096], Out: 1048576, Sector Size: 512
Reading Partition Table...OK
Reading Device Information...OK
Device : vivo vivo 1611 [msm8953]
Software : N2G47H release-keys, eng.compil.20180328.190735 [Wed Mar 28 19:07:35 HKT 2018]
Android Ver. : 7.1.2
Patch Level : 2018-03-01
Resetting FRP Lock......Done
Operation Finished.
Module Ver. 2.0                           DOWNLOAD SETUP

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