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Apr 5, 2018

Lava Arc105 flash file miracle resd tested flash file download

Lava Arc105 miracle resd tested flash file download lava arc 105 flash tool lava arc 105 firmware lava arc 105 cpu type 6531 lava arc 105 boot key use spd boot cable lava arc blue flash file download lava arc one flash file lava arc flash file

  Definition Applied
  1. Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back
  2. Please Hold BootKey(UP and DOWN),Insert USB cable
  3. Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find
  4. Battery Should be Charged more then 50%
  Scanning USB Serial port...
  SU2Serial Port: COM80
  Connecting to Phone,Wait..
  Infor: SPRD3
  Initialize boot9...
  CPU    type: 6531A
  Flash  type: NOR
  Flash    ID: 00C80060(00160000)
  Flash Model: GD27LQ32
  Flash  Size: 0x400000(4.0M)
  Being analyzed,Wait...
  IMEI1 :911514000******         Download Flash File
  IMEI2 :911514000******
  IMEI3 :358570010******
  IMEI4 :910575601******
  Unlock  Code: 4321
  Privacy  Code: 4321
>>If try all code and wrong, please read whole flash and then analyzed

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