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Mar 21, 2018

Sigma v.2.27.11. Huawei MYA / Maya unlock and more Setup Download

Sigma v.2.27.11. Huawei MYA / Maya unlock and more

Sigma Software v.2.27.11
MTK Tab:
1. Released Direct unlock support for Huawei Maya:
♦ Mya-L02 / Mya-L03 / Mya-L11 / Mya-L22 / Mya-L23 / Mya-L41
2. Improved Sigma software communication with Huawei MTK smartphones
in META mode Android ADB Tab: New MTK smartphones in the list:
♦ Bmobile AX1072 (MT6735)♦ Blu R1 Plus (MT6735)
♦ Hisense L675 (MT6735P)♦ Maxwest Astro 55n (MT6735)
♦ Starnaute 4 (MT6580) QCOM Tab:
Added Remove FRP operation for the following ZTE devices (in test mode):
♦ Blade A522♦ Blade Z Max Z982♦ Warp Elite N9518 HiSilicon Tab:
Released FRP Remove, Remove Huawei ID, Get bootloader code features for Huawei:
♦ P Smart ♦ Nova Lite 2♦ Enjoy 7S♦ FIG-LX2♦ FIG-L21♦ FIG-L22

Download Sigma Software v2.27.11

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