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Jan 25, 2018

Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.6 ZTE OPPO Extra Exclusive Setup Download

Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.6 ZTE OPPO Extra Exclusive

Falcon Multi brand Exclusive Tool
:What News Inside :
[+] ZTE Android. Repair Network / Security (Worlds First One Click Factory Reset in EDL Mode.
[+] Oppo Devices Direct Unlock 140+ ZTE Qualcomm Devices Supported.
[+] Exclusive FRP Solution. Models
# Vodafone Smart E8  Vodafone VFD 510 Vodafone Smart E8 Vodafone VFD 511
# Vodafone Smart style 7  Vodafone VFD600 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6  Vodafone VFD995N
# Vodafone Smart V8  Vodafone VFD 710 ZTE Avea Intouch 4 ZTE Avid PLUS
# ZTE Z828 ZTE Avid Trio  ZTE Z833 ZTE Axon ZTE Axon A1 ZTE Axon A1R
# ZTE Axon M Z999 ZTE Axon Max C2016 ZTE Axon mini B2016 ZTE Axon 7
# ZTE Axon 7 A2017U ZTE Axon 7 Max C2017 ZTE Axon 7 Mini ZTE Axon 7 Mini B2017G
# ZTE Axon 7S A2018 ZTE Axon Elite A1 ZTE Axon Tianji mini B2015 ZTE Axon Pro A1P
# ZTE Blade A310 ZTE Blade A320 ZTE Blade A460 ZTE Blade A470
# ZTE Blade A506 ZTE Blade A512 ZTE Blade A521 ZTE Blade A711 ZTE Blade D T610
# ZTE Blade Force N9517 ZTE Blade Max 3 Z986U ZTE Blade S6 ZTE Blade S6 Plus
# ZTE Blade S7 T920 ZTE Blade Spark Z971 ZTE Blade Vantage Z839 ZTE Blade V5 V9180
# ZTE Blade V770 ZTE Blade V8 ZTE Blade V8 Mini ZTE Blade V8 Pro Z978 ZTE Blade V8C V0840 ZTE Blade X Z965 ZTE Blade X MAX Z983 ZTE Blade X Z93


# ZTE Blade X9 ZTE Blade Z MAX Z982 ZTE ConeXis X1 ZTE Fanfare 2 Z815
# ZTE Grand X MAX 2 Z988ZTE Grand X Max+ Z987 ZTE Grand X View 2 K81
# ZTE Grand X2 Z850  ZTE Grand X3 Z959 ZTE Grand X4 LTE Z957 ZTE Grand X View 2 K81
# ZTE Grand X4 Z956
# ZTE JASPER Z718TL ZTE Libero 2 602ZT ZTE Trek 2 K88 ZTE Maven Z812
# ZTE Maven 2 Z831 ZTE Maven 3 Z835 ZTE MAX XL N9560 ZTE Mighty 3C N928Dt
# ZTE Mono MO-01 ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini ZTE Nubia Z9 Max NX512J ZTE Overture 3 Z851M
# ZTE Prestige N9132 ZTE Prestige 2 N9136 ZTE Sonata 3 Z832 ZTE Speed N9130
# ZTE Tempo N9131 ZTE A0620 ZTE A1P ZTE A880 ZTE Tempo X N9137
# ZTE Turkcell T40 ZTE Turkcell T50 ZTE Turkcell T60 ZTE Turkcell T70 ZTE Turkcell T80
# ZTE V5S N918St ZTE Warp N9518 ZTE Warp 7 N9519 ZTE Z MAX PRO Z981
# ZTE ZMax Z970 ZTE Zmax 2 Z955A  ZTE ZMax 2 Z955L ZTE Zmax 2 Z958 ZTE Zpad K90u
Total 140+ ZTE Qualcomm Devices Supported
[+] Read info in (Adb / Ftm / Edl) Modes
[+] Direct Unlock / Reset Counters in (Adb / Ftm / Edl) Modes
[+] Remove Frp Lock in (Adb / Ftm / Edl) Modes
[+]Factory Reset in Edl Mode
[+] Imei Repair in Ftm Mode
[+] Read/Write Qcn in Ftm Mode
[+] Reboot Edl
[+] Enable Diag
For Zte MTK Devices Use Our Mtk Pack Universal Method ADB or Meta/Flash Mode
we Also Support Code Calculation of Wide Range of Zte Devices
Oppo Devices Direct Unlock
[+] Oppo F5 Oppo A71 Oppo F1s Oppo F3 Oppo A37
Now Supported
[+] Oppo A33 Oppo A33F Oppo A37 Oppo A57 Oppo A71
[+] Oppo F1 Oppo F1 Oppo F1s Oppo F3 Oppo F5 Oppo FIND5
[+] Oppo Joy Oppo R5 Oppo S7
Universal Method
More Features will be added in coming versions..........

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