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Jul 4, 2017

Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 RKT/RockChip v2.00 Setup Download

Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 RKT/RockChip v2.00 - New CPUs, TVbox, Tablets and more

Support RK29xx series ( NAND )
Support RK30xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK31xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK32xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK33xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Supported devices : Tablets, TVboxes and IoT devices!
Core completely rewrittend from scratch
New connection stuck, fixed all connection problems, support latest devices and drivers
Features :
Identify / Read Info
-> Read full device info ( HW details, Android Info )
Reset Settings
-> Reset Settings ( Data and Security settings )
-> Reset UserStorage ( Photo, video and rest content )
-> Reset FRP for Android 5 / Android 6 devices
Flash Read
-> Read Factory-like FW
-> Engine allow auto-detection of different types
Flash Write
-> Write Infinity FW
-> Reset Settings during Flashing
Reset UserLocks ( eMMc Only for now )
-> Reset all userlocks without touching userdata ( Android 4/5/6 devices )
Read PatternLock
-> Allow read PatternLock sequence on Android 4/5 devices
New drivers supported (visit support area to download)
DOC included: Connection hints
DOC included: eMMC and DDR support list
Old FW types (made by RKTv1) are NOT supported !
-> Workaround: Write with v1 and then read with v2 again

Download link #1 - Download link #2 - Download link #3

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