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Jul 20, 2017

eMMC Pro - New Models Samsung News

eMMC Pro New Model

We are releasing more models ,
more dumps , more pinouts for our customer demands
Thanks for the feedbacks for our all eMMC Pro Users
Release Notes
Did you see eMMC Pro V1.09 ? here
HTC D820N eMMC Dump [ Thanks to Mathew_Di
Samsung I9305 eMMC Dump
Samsung I9305 eMMC Pinouts
Samsung G5500 eMMC Dump [ World First ]
Samsung G5500 eMMC Pinouts [ World First ]
Samsung G6000 eMMC Dump
Samsung G6000 eMMC Pinouts ( correct ) [ World First ]
Nokia Lumia 820 eMMC Dump [ World First ] [ Thanks to Mathew_Di ]
Nokia Lumia 820 eMMC Pinouts [ World First ] [ Thanks to Mathew_Di ]

You can now operate with almost
all mobile phones with eMMC / eMCP inside !
Advanced eMMC Repair
Universal Device Programmer
Free eMMC Booster with eMMC Pro Hardware
eMMC PRo - Universal Device Programmer


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