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May 24, 2017

HDBOX V1.7.6--Management Setup Download

HDBOX V1.7.6--Management software

 Managment software V1.7.6 for HD-Box,
More features for the iMac and MacBooks tab:
Added much more detailed informations about the computer, including:
# 205 Computer model, screen size and year, example: iMac (27-inch, Early 2014),
# 73 Computer zone, for what market this was build, example: USA, Canada,
# Computer birth date, when the computer was built, example: 22-May-2014,

Note: In order to read this informations your Mac EFI app running on HDBOX must be alteast 2.9E version, If your HDBox is running a lower versions of mac EFI app, simply visit About & Update tab in HDBox manager and update your firmware.


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