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May 24, 2017

ChimeraTool LG module Update: v 13.86.1153 Setup Download

LG module update - Added MAC repair on lot of models, general bugfixes

Dear ChimeraTool Users,
ChimeraTool LG module
Update: v13.86.1153
Added MAC Repair to the following models:
LG-AS992 LG-D300F LG-D300G LG-D610TR
LG-F400K LG-F500S LG-F650K LG-F650L LG-F700K LG-F700S
LG-H731 LG-H820PR
LG-H831 LG-H850 LG-H850AR LG-H850TR LG-H858
LG-H860 LG-H915 LG-H918 LG-H960A LG-H961AN LG-H990
LG-H990DS LG-H990N LG-K330 LG-K350F LG-LS991
LG-LS992 LG-LS997 LG-MS330 LG-RS988 LG-US996 LG-VS988
Major improvements in Download mode communication.
Fixed common issue with new models, where Remove FRP showed success, but the lock was not removed. It will correctly show an error now. (new FRP solution for these phones coming soon)

More information about the LG functions here: https://chimeratool.com/en/docs/lg-functions-and-descriptions

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