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Apr 5, 2017

NCK Dongle Main Module v 18.5 Read Unlock Codes Setup Download

NCK Dongle Main Module v 18.5 Read Unlock Codes Update Released

What's New?Added:

Alcatel Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator By IMEI & Secro/PID
OT-5012G OT-5012F OT-5016A OT-5044A OT-5044D
OT-5044O OT-5046J OT-5046U OT-5080F OT-5080Q OT-5080A
OT-5080U OT-5080X OT-5085A OT-5085D OT-5085J OT-5095K
OT-5095Y OT-5095I OT-7070I OT-7070X OT-7070Q OT-8050G
OT-8050D OT-8050E OT-9008I OT-9008J OT-9010X OT-9203A

Updated Models & PIDS For Unlimited Unlock Code Calculator By IMEI & Secro/PID
OT-4017D OT-4017X OT-4017A OT-5010S OT-5010U OT-5010G OT-5010E OT-5010D OT-5010X OT-5017A OT-V301 OT-V300 OT-V500 OT-V700

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Download Link:


Success Stories:

Unlock by nck dongle samsung s5 neo sm-g903w [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Zte a510 unlock done using a430 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
One Plus E1003 FRP Done By NCK [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
DORO 5516 DBF-0070 Unlocked by NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
zte blade a510 unlock and read fimare done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Oppo A37f Pattern Read Done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel OT-5054D POP3/Pixi3 5.5 Read Pattern with NCK Qualcomm Module - World's First
Alcatel POP3/PIXI3 5.5 Flashing with NCK Qualcomm Module
OPPO Qualcomm N3/N5026/N5027/N5029 IMEI Change/Repair with Qcomm Module
OPPO N3/N5026/N5027/N5029 Qualcomm Reset Pattern & Finger Print
Lenovo A6000 Pattern Read With NCK QCOMM Module [TEAM REPORT] ★★★★★
Zte a910 unlock done using a430 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel 5045a read flash and unlock done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Doro 618 Network Codes Read Done! [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel ot2045x unlock done (easy way) [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
lenovo A2010a unlock Done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Thank you NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Vodafone VFD500 Unlocking Done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
samsung gt-i8190 chinese phone mt6575 nand imei repair done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
NCK Dongle Successfully Unlocked Alcatel 1010X. [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Infinix NOTE 2 LTE FRP Reset
Qmobile X7 user Security Lock Reset Done So Easy By Nck Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
BLU A030u FRP reset [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Qmobile X7 user Security Lock Reset Done So Easy By Nck Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Telenor v97 unlock done! [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel A 851L Tracfone unlock done using model 6016A [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Most Wanted Motorola XT1254 FRP Done Via NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
m4 ss4045 unlock done using m4 ss1090 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model blu t166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
SKY 4.0 Firmware flash + Format userdata [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
blu life xl read flash done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
s6 SM-G920A unlock ok [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model T166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model T166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
zte blade l3 lite unlock using l3 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
zte s519 unlock done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Post here Successfully Unlocked/Calculated/Flashed/Repaired Phones via NCK Dongle
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge FRP UNLOCK DONE [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Sony Ericsson XT810A Flash Firmware with NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel 6014× unlocked in second with no root required [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
huawei y550-L01 unlock nck dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Ot5042t unlock ok [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Vodafone 888 unlocked ok by NCK dongle tested [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Model: HUAWEI Y536A1 Unlock Done By NCK DONGLE [USER REPORT] ★★★★★

Many Many More to list...

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