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Feb 11, 2017

ChimeraTool Samsung module Update: v 12.89.0901 News

ChimeraTool update: v 12.89.0901 

sung module update Added Patch Certificate Procedure For Exynos Models:
Galaxy S6 - SM-G920A  Galaxy S6 - SM-G920AZ Galaxy S6 - SM-G920F
Galaxy S6 - SM-G920I  Galaxy S6 - SM-G920K Galaxy S6 - SM-G920L
Galaxy S6 - SM-G920S  Galaxy S6 - SM-G920T Galaxy S6 - SM-G920T1
Galaxy S6 - SM-G920W8  Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925A Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925F
Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925I Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925K Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925L
Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925S Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925T Galaxy S6 Edge - SM-G925W8
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G9287 Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G9287C Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SMG928A
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928C Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928F Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928G Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928I Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928K
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928L Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928S
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928T  Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - SM-G928W8
Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N9208 Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920A
Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920C Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920G
Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920I Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920K
Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920L  Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920S Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920T
Root required

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