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Jan 25, 2017

MFC Dongle 2.0 News

MFC Dongle 2.0 Version Released - For iCloud、iWatch (iBUS) and more

Today , We're very pleased to announce the release for MFC Dongle V2.0. This contains numerous new features and bug fixes. There are also some gui fixes which we'll describe in more detail after the release is out.
The full list of changes are here:
Fixed bugs for IPR function (eg, iOS 10.0.3) for activated iDevice (Read iCloud Details)
Fixed Automatically detection function bugs for Recovery Mode iDevice
Improved IPR takes a lot of memory issues (Now 30MB Maximum)
Improved IPR decryption speed (10 times faster than before)
Add iWatch S1 Flash function using iBUS (Safe Flash no data lost)
Add iWatch S1 Restore function using iBUS
Add iWatch S1 "displays a red exclamation point" repair function
Add iWatch S1 "New Glass Digitizer" Reprogramming function
Change iMFC gui layout
Server side update to support new client 2.0
More details check at here
Using iBUS Data Cable S1 Flash iWatch S1 (World First Solution) By MFC Dongle

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