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Sep 24, 2016

Oss Client 7.0 Setup Download

Oss Client 7.0 Released ! Lot of Alcatel Phones Added for IMEI Unlock by Calc

=:: All Models Update Added - Calc by IMEI ::=
OT-4017A OT-4017D OT-4017F
OT-4017S OT-4017X  OT-4034A
OT-4034D OT-4034E OT-4034F OT-4034G OT-4034M
OT-4034N OT-4034X OT-5010D OT-5010E OT-5010G
OT-5010S OT-5010U OT-5010X  OT-5015A OT-5015D
OT-5015E OT-5015X OT-5016A OT-5016J  OT-5116J
OT-3022G OT-2014  OT-2040D  OT-2040G  OT-2041

MEO Easy 11 NEO 3600 TMN Easy 11 SFR118 SFR124

Y625-U21 Y625-U32 Y625-U43 Y625-U51 Y560-L01

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