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Aug 20, 2016

eMMC Pro V 1.06 News

eMMC Pro V1.06
[19 AUG 2016]

Description :
eMMC Pro V1.06 Release Notes

eMMC Pro V1.06 Release Notes
Detecting eMMC Controls added
Errors and Handling
Writing to Fake I/O Bug is fixed.
Error Codes

Error Messages and Handling ;

CMD_CRC_FAIL                     = (1)  which is Command response received (but CRC check failed)
DATA_CRC_FAIL                   = (2)  which is Data bock sent/received (CRC check Failed)
CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT                 = (3)  which is Command response timeout
DATA_TIMEOUT                     = (4)  which is Data time out
TX_UNDERRUN                     = (5)  which is Transmit FIFO under-run
RX_OVERRUN                       = (6)  which is Receive FIFO over-run
START_BIT_ERR                   = (7)  which is Start bit not detected on all data signals in widE bus mode
CMD_OUT_OF_RANGE             = (8)  which is CMD's argument was out of range
ADDR_MISALIGNED                 = (9)  which is Misaligned address
BLOCK_LEN_ERR                   = (10) which is Transferred block length is not allowed for the card or the number of transferred bytes does not match the block length
ERASE_SEQ_ERR                   = (11) which is An error in the sequence of erase command occurs
BAD_ERASE_PARAM                 = (12) which is An Invalid selection for erase groups
WRITE_PROT_VIOLATION       = (13) which is Attempt to program a write protect block
LOCK_UNLOCK_FAILED          = (14) which is Sequence or password error has been detected in unlock command or if there was an attempt to access a locked card
COM_CRC_FAILED                   = (15) which is CRC check of the previous command failed
ILLEGAL_CMD                     = (16) which is Command is not legal for the card state
CARD_ECC_FAILED                 = (17) which is Card internal ECC was applied but failed to correct the data
CC_ERROR                                 =  (18) which is Internal card controller error
GENERAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR = (19) which is General or Unknown error
STREAM_READ_UNDERRUN    = (20) which is The card could not sustain data transfer in stream read operation.
STREAM_WRITE_OVERRUN             = (21) which is The card could not sustain data programming in stream mode
CID_CSD_OVERWRITE              = (22) which is CID/CSD overwrite error
WP_ERASE_SKIP                   = (23) which is only partial address space was erased
CARD_ECC_DISABLED               = (24) which is Command has been executed without using internal ECC
ERASE_RESET                     = (25) which is Erase sequence was cleared before executing because an out of erase sequence command was received
AKE_SEQ_ERROR                   = (26) which is Error in sequence of authentication.
INVALID_VOLTRANGE               = (27)
ADDR_OUT_OF_RANGE               = (28)
SWITCH_ERROR                     = (29)
SDIO_DISABLED                   = (30)
SDIO_FUNCTION_BUSY               = (31)
SDIO_FUNCTION_FAILED             = (32)
SDIO_UNKNOWN_FUNCTION           = (33)
Standard errors and messages ;

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