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May 9, 2016

Miracle Box v 2.33 Setup Download

Miracle Box v 2.33

Unofficial Support Site by Welcome Zone Haldwani

1.MTK Add MTK Flasher (Android).
# Universal MTK Flasher Added.

2.MTK Flasher Support MT65xx,MT67xx,MT81xx Scatter Write.
# MTK CPU Series MT65XX Scatter Write Added.
# MTK CPU Series MT67XX Scatter Write Added.
# MTK CPU Series MT81XX Scatter Write Added.

3.MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 Read/Write bin Support.
# Nokia 230 RM-1172 Read Write Flash Added.

4.MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 Unlock/Format support.
# Nokia 230 RM-1172 Unlock & Format Added.

5.MTK Add EMMC Repart Internal memory support (Meta) (6572 Tested).

6.MTK Improve MT6572,MT6583 Support.
# MTK 6572 New Flash IC Added with some Improvment Added.
# MTK 6583 New Flash IC Added with some Improvment Added.

7.MTK Improve Anti-Theft/FRP.
# MTK TAB Anti-Theft Imroved .
# MTK TAB FRP Improved.

8.MTK/SPD Add Mircale AV virus DB.
# Miracle AV New Malware Database Added in SPD/MTK.

9.SPD Improve SC7731 EMMC (NEW) BOOT Support.
# SPD SC7731 New Flash IC Added with Some Improvements.

10.Android Improve Install APK and Add Reboot Download Mode.
# Improved APK Installation.

11.Software improvements done.

Setup Download

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