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May 7, 2016

Difference Between FRP lock And Reactivation Lock

Here is the some points from which you can easily understand the Difference Between FRP Lock and Reactivation Lock , Many of the Latest Android Phones like HTC Samsung Sony shows some activation Screen after factory dat reset , Some of them are asking Google Account and some of the Phone asking Reactivation Lock ID & password so friendsi guaranteed that after reading this post your doubts will be clear .
For understanding the feature of FRP lock read this

FRP Lock
  • Available on All Loli Pop Devices .
  • Available From Loli Pop 5.1 .
  • Only Google Account is Needed to activate FRP lock .
  • Available on Samsung also other Android Devices .
  • No Login Require if SIM will be Changed .
  • Device Location cannot be Trace in case of Lost or Stolen .
  • Previously setup Google  Account is Needed to activate the device after factory Reset but not in Unauthorised activity  .
  • Protection to Device Flashing and Software Changes .
  • Developed by Google .   
Reactivation Lock
  • Available on Samsung Devices Only .
  • Available From KitKat 4.4 .
  • Samsung Account is Needed to Enable Reactivation Lock .
  • Available on Selected Samsung Devices but not on other Android Devices .
  • Samsung Account Login Needed if SIM Changed .
  • Device Location can be Trace in case of Lost or Stolen .
  • Previously setup Samsung Account is Needed to activate the device if Unauthorised activity or Unauthorised factory reset Detected .
  • Protection to Device Lost or Stolen or software changes.
  • Developed by Samsung .

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