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Mar 22, 2016

UFST Samsung V Setup Download

UFST Samsung V build 70 released 22-03-2016

Unofficial support site By Welcome Zone Haldwani

ANDROID for UFST and UFS Turbo Only
New Products added (Total, more than 1405 models)
Full Support added for:
J105B, J105F, J105F-DS, J105H, J105M, J105M-DS, J111F, J120H,
J320F, J320F-DS, J320FN, J320H, J320M, J320M-DS, J320YZ,
T280, T285
Partial (Test) Support added for:
A310N0, A5108, A510K, A510L, A510M-DS, A510S, A7108, A710K,
A710L, A710M-DS, A710S,
G9300, G9308, G930A, G930AZ, G930F, G930F-DS, G930K, G930L,
G930P, G930R4, G930R7, G930S, G930T, G930T1, G930V, G930W8,
G930X, G9350, G935A, G935F, G935F-DS, G935K, G935L, G935P,
G935R4, G935S, G935T, G935V, G935W8, G935X,
J120F-DS, J320P,
T375L, T375S, T3777, T377V, T677NK, T677NL, T677V
For Android Model Details see Samsung_Android_Info document.
Samsung Android supported models & feature
or inside
X:\Program Files (x86)\SarasSoft\UFS\Documents
X:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\Documents
Corresponding Full Factory Flash files on Support.

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