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Jan 8, 2016

Volcano Box V 1.4.1 Merapi Tool Setup Download

Volcano Box V 1.4.1 MerapiTool
Full Installer

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What's New ?

Added Motorola FRP Unlock
Solved Some Module Blank
Add mtk6572/82 some new phones backup factory file.
Adjust Mtk Emmc read extent info

How to Enable Usb Debugging for Motorola Phones
Power on your Motorola Phone
Make Activation Process Complete till Phone ask for Google Account ( FRP Lock)
Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s Ask for Email Address )
As you see Keyboard to write Email address in box, Click on Keyboard Icon
Click on Add new KeyBoard
Enable “Google Japanese input” from list
Click on back to go back to input email
Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s ask for Email address )
As you See keyboard to write Email addres in box, Cick on keyboard icon
Now select Japanes ( Google Japanes Input )
Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s ask for Email address )
Now you will see Difference kind of keyboard. Now tab on “a” ( which is located at left bottom corner of keyboard )
Now Tap “Google Japanese Input Setting”
Now scroll down menu and Tap on “Privacy Policy”
Now scroll down and Tap & Hold any TXT written on Screen and Select it ( just highlight any complete word )
Now Tap on Share
From menu Tap “Massages” Write Massage will be opened
You will see Japanese Keyboard to write, now we have to change it. Simple Tap on Left Bottom button from keyboard ( this button is on same place, where we has pressed “a” in line number 12. But button symble is changed as it’s in Japanese )
Tap on Select Input method and Select English
Now you can see English keyboard on Screen, so Simple change it to numaric to Type PHONE NUMBER
Dial any Help line number
Tap on “Send”
Now on Top Right of your screen, You will see CALL Button or Call Icon
Tap on Call Icon from Top Right side from your Mobile Screen
Now you can see that Dial PAD is opened. Delete your Help line number by pressing Delete button from keyboard
Now are you in Test mode,
Now Tap on “Information of Battery”
Now Tap on “Back Button” from Left Top Corner of your Mobile Screen
Now you will be in NORMAL Setting Menu of phone
Scrol Down to About andTap it.
Scroll Down to Build Number and Tap it “7 Times” To enable Developer Mode
Now you are in Normal setting Menu
Scroll down to Developer Mode and tab it
Now enable “USB Debugging”
Now your MOTOROLA Phone have USB Debugging ON !!
Connect Usb Cable and Install Drivers
Open MerapiTool 1.4.1
Click on Andriod Lock
Click on “Clear MOTO FRP ( ADB) ” Button
Keep looking on screen, Phone will ask for Grand Access. Make it Allow.
Your Phone will be Unlocked from Google Account FRP Lock !!
Supported Models
As Per Theory Almost All Motorola Phones are Supported, Need to do Test. but as in very Short Time We have Tested These phones and working. So you please Make test and report. Thanks you
Tested Models
Motorola Moto XT1542
Motorola Moto X Play
Motorola Moto G
Motorola Moto G3
Motorola Nexus 6
Beta Test Reports

!! This is Full Installer.. just Downlaod & Extact !! 

Download AreaIndex of . VolcanoBox/Pack1 aka Merapi Tool/

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