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Jan 11, 2016

Chimera Tool v 8.89.1738 News

Dear Users,
ChimeraTool update: v 8.89.1738

Unofficial support site By Welcome Zone Haldwani

Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Read/Write Cert, Download/Flash Firmware, Store/Restore Backup, Reset FRP, Repair EFS *
Samsung Galaxy J2 Duos - SM-J200G
Samsung Galaxy J2 Duos - SM-J200GU
Samsung Galaxy J2 Duos - SM-J200F
Samsung Galaxy J2 Duos - SM-J200BT
Samsung Galaxy J2 - SM-J200Y
Samsung Galaxy J2 - SM-J200M
Samsung Galaxy On5 Duos - SM-G550FY
Samsung Galaxy On5 Duos - SM-G5500

(*) New root images will be uploaded soon to be more professional 

Direct Unlock, Download/Flash Firmware, Store/Restore Backup, Network Repair
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos - SM-J3109
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duos - SM-J7008
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - SM-T357W
Samsung Galaxy A7 - SM-A700K
Samsung Galaxy A7 - SM-A700L
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos - SM-G9209

Direct Unlock, Repair Imei, Download/Flash Firmware, Store/Restore Backup
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 - SM-T561M
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 - SM-T561Y

Added Write Cert Procedure To All Qualcomm Models

Added boot repair on Windows 8 phones with single USB cable (dead phones can be repaired from now on)
Nokia Lumia 520 (RM-913,RM-914,RM-915,RM-917)
Nokia Lumia 525 (RM-998)
Nokia Lumia 625 (RM-941,RM-942,RM-943)
Nokia Lumia 640 (RM-846)
Nokia Lumia 720 (RM-885)
Nokia Lumia 720 (RM-997)
Nokia Lumia 720T (RM-887)
Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-824,RM-825,RM-826)
Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-820,RM-821,RM-822)
Nokia Lumia 920T (RM-867)
Nokia Lumia 925 (RM-892, RM-893)
Nokia Lumia 925 (RM-910)
Nokia Lumia 925T (RM-955)
Nokia Lumia 928 (RM-860)
Nokia Lumia 1020 (RM-875,RM-876,RM-877)
Nokia Lumia 1320 (RM-994,RM-995,RM-996)

Reworked read info and sim-lock detection function on all Windows phones

Nokia Lumia flashing bugs has been fixed
Fixed the software crash while connecting to BlackBerry BlayBook

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Best regards
Chimera Team

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