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Nov 30, 2015


GcProKey UPDATE29 

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0023 released.

Unofficial support site By Welcome Zone Haldwani

World's 1st Solution, Very Exclusive & only Available @ GcproKey !!

Added Samsung Sprint new os

5.0 to 5.1.x For
Unlock support Without Root.

Added HTC Sprint new os

4.x to 5.1.x fOR

supported Without Root

Without Soff
without bl unlock
Added Samsung DRK Repair support
tested with all s6,s6 edge,note5 many others
uart needed
Added LG LS995,LS996 Sprint unlock
including domestic use in usa
Without root
lollipop os only
Added LG MS34510E & MS34510F FRP REMOVE.
Note:Other models you can request to support team.
Note2:If any problem come you can redo "frp remove" will restore phone from backup.. if phone is not formatted after using gcpro.
Note3:This will remove google verification protection(FRP).
Added AT Terminal useful on my case.
Improved/Revised for better
NEWQC_Method on QCOM esn only repair fail to disable meid.
SPC/AKEY read write fail on new verizon security phones.
MEID repair and meid cert write fail on some latest os.
Sprint unlock L720 older phones now should be ok. Make sure selected diag port.
LG FRP changed backup and frp remove style.

!!! Copy Paster you been lost some where?? !!!

link1= https://www.mediafire.com/folder/kzd5v0z4fecn7/ GCPROKEY
link2= https://mega.co.nz/#F!1pxHgTBA!P7owR-MlJxD-r0_ N6o0xWQ
link3= https://drive.google.com/folderview?...FE&usp= sharing
link4= GCPROTEAM by gc P. - 4shared
link5= https://app.box.com/ GCPROTEAM
link6= https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w9gdsem09 ...Upj32aEVa?dl=0

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Do you feel it ?
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