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Nov 25, 2015

DC Unlocker v 1233 News

DC Unlocker v 1233 Huawei B199,C199, C8813, C8816, C8818 ++20 more CDMA phones added

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NO root, NO bootloader code, NO ADB required
Fast and easy unlock in manufacture mode.
Unlock, read unlock codes, Read bootloader code for Huawei CDMA Phones :

Huawei Ascend B199
Huawei Ascend C199 (C199s also)
Huawei Ascend G300C
Huawei Ascend G610-C00
Huawei Ascend G730-C00
Huawei Ascend Y300C
Huawei C8500
Huawei C8511
Huawei C8810
Huawei C8812
Huawei C8812D
Huawei C8812E
Huawei C8813
Huawei C8813D
Huawei C8813Q
Huawei C8814
Huawei C8815
Huawei C8816
Huawei C8816D
Huawei C8817E
Huawei C8817L
Huawei C8818
Huawei Glory G6-C00
Huawei MetroPCS M835

Featured phones:

Huawei D51 Discovery

Huawei B315

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