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Jun 15, 2015

How To Remove Pattern Lock Sony Xperia T3 D5102

Step By Step Unlock Your Xperia  Mobile phone

1:  Install Flashtool and install the drivers for the Xperia T3 D5102
Please see picture below:

2: Once installation is complete, navigate to the folder where FlashTool is installed as shown in the picture below

2a: This is optional if you want to create a shortcut to the desktop

3: Now install the driver for the Xperia . The driver installer can be found in the FlashTool folder See pictures below:

4: Now for Flashing your Xperia  . You will need to download the Lock Remove .ftf 
(File Download Last In the post) and place it in the firmware folder located in the flashtool folder

5: Now for Unlocking . Run the FlashTool app. Make sure that it's in "Flashmode" and click "Ok"

6: This window should show up. Please select the ROM you are gonna flash. And follow the prompts

**NOTE** Please FOLLOW the prompts! The picture below says:
1:Unplug your device from your PC
2:Power OFF the device (Turn your phone OFF)
3:Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button
4:While holding the VOLUME DOWN button
 plug usb your phone back to your PC

The process should look like this. Please wait until it is finished See pictures below:

And that is it, you are all done. Power up your Xperia and enjoy your Unlocked Phone

XperiaT3 D5102 Lock Remove ftf File Download

Sony FlashTool Download 
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