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Sep 16, 2014

Volcano Box Update V2.8.2 Download Now

What's new ?
Improved BlackBerry http://goo.gl/AhYUYo Connection
MTK6592 added new flash support
SPD 6820 added new flash support
ADB ROOT added new phone models
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BlackBerry update

1- BlackBerry Module is Totally Free
2- Totally Stand Alone... No Internet, no need any kind of Credits, No Activation.... Grand Totally Free
3- MEP 0 , Direct Unlock, Unlock Counter Reset
4- Direct Read Unlock Codes from Phone ( Read Codes )
5- Backup & Restore BlackBerry security fields http://goo.gl/AhYUYo
6- Debranding and change Vendor ID (Remove OR Change LOGO) http://goo.gl/AhYUYo
7- Change Keyboard layout QWERTZ OR QWERTY OR AZERTY ( Your's Choice )
8- Enable Camera auto-detect (for certain phone you can not find any camera menu in the phone menu, even the phone is have the camera) http://goo.gl/AhYUYo
9- Enable LCD auto-detect (make your phone can use any type series of LCD)
10- IMEI Change / Repair ( Changing of IMEI is Forbidden By LAW & It's for Repairing Purpose only. We take No Responsibility of any Wrong Use !! )
11- MEID Change / Repair( Changing of MEID is Forbidden By LAW & It's for Repairing Purpose only. We take No Responsibility of any Wrong Use !! )
12- SPC code reset without losing any phone data
13- Auto on fix (phone will turn on automatically after inserting battery)

14- Cal Mode fix (turn Java on for some phone we already press "start" but still not continue)
15- Bad Calibration (to fix Batere cross problem appears if not from hardware problem)
16- Rebuild EFS
17- Repair Red Blink (to repair red light blinking in Quallcom based phone cause by EFS area corrupt)
19- Disable Built-in Media Storage (to fix Blackberry loading hank when start up)
20- Enable Built-in Media storage
21- Backup & Restore NV
22- Flashing

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