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Qualcomm USB driver Download and installation manual

Qualcomm USB driver Download and installation manual

  1.  Summary: Qualcomm USB driver This driver is used for the phones of Qualcomm platform (Include feature phones and smart phones). It can support 32 bit OS and 64 bit OS, the OS include: Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8. The folder of the driver’s name is , it consists of three sub folders: “Windows7”, “Windows8”, “XP-Vista”. When we install the driver of the corresponding OS, need to manually select the corresponding drive folder, how to install the driver, please see the second part of the content below. 2. Driver installation steps: First, need to provide supply power for the phone, then boot the phone to enter into the standby mode, and then plug in the USB cable. As shown below:

Computer Management

In the “Computer Management” in the computer, will display several yellow exclamation mark unknown devices. As shown below (for example: 32-bit Win7 OS): These unknown devices need to specify a path to install the driver one by one: Users can select the first Android unknown device, and then use the right mouse button to click on it, will pop up the following interface: And then, please select the “Update Driver Software…” will pop up the following interface: And then, select the “Browse my computer for driver software”, will pop up the following interface: Please select the “Browse…” button to load the location of the driver specific to your device, will pop up the following interface: We select the driver folder, which you want. And click the “OK” button to confirm. And then, check on the “Include subfolders” item. As shown below: And then, click the “Next” button to continue. Will pop up the following interface: Please select ”Install this driver software anyway”. Will pop up the following interface: Please click the “Close” button to finish the installation. At this time, the Device Manage: Several other unknown device driver installation method, also is the same, no longer describe it.

Qualcomm Android Flashing USB driver Download

Qualcomm U268 CSB Driver HERE
Qualcomm D18 USB Driver HERE
Qualcomm D08 USB Driver HERE
Qualcomm CP2318 USB Driver HERE
Qualcomm 2938 USB Driver HERE
Qualcomm 2718 USB Driver HERE
Qualcomm 269 CPU SB Driver HERE
Qualcomm Driver Full Installer Setup HERE
Android Update HERE
For the 64 bit OS to install driver, is the same as 32 bit OS. But need the operating system into the test mode (for example: 64-bit Win7 OS). If the PC is 64-bit Win7 OS, the users need to run to make the OS into the test mode. The file, which is in the “Windows7” folder of the folder.

The users only can use the tools in the test mode of the OS.

Other applications also can be used in test mode. If users no longer use the tools, and want the OS to into the normal mode, need to run the file. Which is in the “Windows7” folder of the folder. Note: In fact, for the customers, we will only use this Diagnistics COM ports. As long as the COM ports can be installed successfully. The other COM ports if not installed successfully, you can ignore.
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