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Aug 2, 2017

Uni-Android Tool UAT 3.01 Released Setup Download

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] Version 3.01 Released 

What is New ?
Write Certificate for following models
Samsung Qualcomm
SM-A3000 / SM-A3009/ SM-A300F/ SM-A300FU/ SM-A300G/ SM-A300H/ SM-A300HQ/ SM-A300M/ SM-A300XU/ SM-A300XZ/ SM-A300Y/
SM-A300YZ/ SM-A5000/ SM-A5009/ SM-A500F/ SM-A500F1 / SM-A500FQ/ SM-A500FU/ SM-A500G/ SM-A500H/ SM-A500HQ/ SM-A500K/
SM-A500L/ SM-A500M/ SM-A500S/ SM-A500W/ SM-A500XZ/ SM-A500Y/ SM-A500YZ/ SM-A5100/ SM-E500F/ SM-E500H/ SM-E500HQ/
SM-E500M/ SM-E500YZ / SM-E7000/ SM-E7009/ SM-E700F/ SM-E700H/ SM-E700M/ SM-G310R5/ SM-G3139D/ SM-G3502C/ SM-G3502i/
SM-G3502L/ SM-G3502T/ SM-G350L/ SM-G350M/ SM-G3518/ SM-G3556D/ SM-G3558/ SM-G3559/ SM-G357FZ/ SM-G3568V/ SM-G3588V/
SM-G3589W/ SM-G3606/ SM-G3608/ SM-G3609/ SM-G360AZ/ SM-G360BT/ SM-G360F/ SM-G360FY/ SM-G360G/ SM-G360GY/ SM-G360M/
SM-G360P/ SM-G3360R6/ SM-G360T/ SM-G360T1/ SM-G360V/ SM-G3815/ SM-G3819/ SM-G3819D/ SM-G386T/ SM-G386T1/ SM-G386W/
SM-G5108/ SM-G5108Q/ SM-G5109/ SM-G5306W/ SM-G5308W/ SM-G5309W/ SM-G530A/ SM-G530AZ/ SM-G530BT/ SM-G530F/ SM-G530FQ/
SM-G530FZ/ SM-G530H/ SM-G530M/ SM-G530MU/ SM-G530P/ SM-G530R4/ SM-G530R7/ SM-G530T/ SM-G530T1/ SM-G530W/ SM-G530W/
SM-G6000/ SM-G600FY/ SM-G710/ SM-G7102/ SM-G7102T/ SM-G7105/ SM-G7105H/ SM-G7105L/ SM-G7106/ SM-G7108/ SM-G7108V/
SM-G7109/ SM-G710K/ SM-G710L/ SM-G710S/ SM-G7200/ SM-G7202/ SM-G720AX/ SM-G720N0/ SM-G730A/ SM-G730V/ SM-G730W8/
SM-G7508Q/ SM-G7509/ SM-G750H/ SM-G800H/ SM-G800H-DS/ SM-G800HQ/ SM-G800R4/ SM-G8508S/ SM-G850A/ SM-G850W/ SM-G860P/
SM-G870A/ SM-G870F/ SM-G870W/ SM-G9006V/ SM-G9006W/ SM-G9008V/ SM-G9008W/ SM-G8009D/ SM-G9009W/ SM-G900A/ SM-G900AZ/
SM-G900F/ SM-G900FD-DS/ SM-G900I/ SM-G900K/ SM-G900L/ SM-G900M/ SM-G900MD/ SM-G900P/ SM-G900R4/ SM-G900R6/ SM-G900R7/
SM-G900S/ SM-G900T/ SM-G900T1/ SM-G900T3/ SM-G900V/ SM-G900W8/ SM-G901F/ SM-G906K/ SM-G906L/ SM-G906S/ SM-G910S/
SM-G9198/ SM-J5007/ SM-J5008/ SM-J5007/ SM-J5008/ SM-J500F/ SM-J500FN/ SM-J500G/ SM-J500H/ SM-J500M/ SM-J500N0/ SM-J500Y/
SM-J7008/ SM-J700K/ GT-S7275B/ GT-S7275R/ GT-S7275T/ GT-S7275Y/ GT-I9158P/ GT-I9192I/ GT-I9195I/ GT-I9301I/ GT-I9301Q/
GT-I9308I/ GT-I9515/ GT-I9515L/SM-N7502/ SM-N750K/ SM-N750L/ SM-N750S/ SM-N9002/ SM-N9005/ SM-N9006/ SM-N9007/ SM-N9008/
SM-N9008S/ SM-N9008V/ SM-N9009/ SM-N900A/ SM-N900K/ SM-N900L/ SM-N900R4/ SM-N900S/ SM-N900T/ SM-N900U/ SM-N900W8/
SM-N9100/ SM-N9106W/ SM-N9109W/ SM-N910A/ SM-N910F/ SM-N910G/ SM-N910R4/ SM-N910T/ SM-N910T2/T3/ SM-N910W8/ SM-N9150/
SM-N915A/ SM-N915D/ SM-N915F/ SM-N915FY/ SM-N915G/ SM-N915J/ SM-N915R4/ SM-N915T/ SM-N915W8/ SM-T331/ SM-T331C/ SM-T332/
SM-T335/ SM-T335K/ SM-T335L/ SM-T337A/ SM-T337T/ SM-T350/ SM-T355/ SM-T355C/ SM-T355Y/ SM-T357T/ SM-T357W/ SM-T360/ SM-T365/ SM-T365M/ SM-T365Y
Samsung Exynos
SM-A310F / SM-A310M / SM-A310N0 / SM-A310X / SM-A310Y / SM-A510F / SM-A510FD / SM-A510K / SM-A510L / SM-A510M / SM-A510S / SM-A510X / SM-A510Y / SM-A7108 / SM-A710F / SM-A710FD / SM-A710K / SM-A710L / SM-A710M / SM-A710S / SM-A710X / SM-A710Y / SM-G150N0 / SM-G1050N0 / SM-G1050NK / SM-G1050NL / SM-G1050NS / SM-G155S / SM-G5500 / SM-G550FY / SM-G750A / SM-G750F / SM-G800F / SM-G800M / SM-G800X / SM-G800Y / SM-G850F / SM-G850FQ / SM-G850K / SM-G850L / SM-G850M / SM-G850S / SM-G850Y / SM-G890A / SM-G903F / SM-G903N / SM-G903W / SM-G9200 / SM-G9208 / SM-G9209 / SM-G920A / SM-G920F / SM-G920F-DS / SM-G920FQ / SM-G920I / SM-G920K / SM-G920L / SM-G920S / SM-G920T / SM-G920T1 / SM-G920W8 / SM-G925A / SM-G925F / SM-G925FQ / SM-G925I / SM-G925K / SM-G925L / SM-G925S / SM-G925T / SM-G925W8 / SM-G9287 / SM-G9287C / SM-G928A / SM-G928C / SM-G928F / SM-G928G / SM-G928I / SM-G928K / SM-G928L / SM-G928N0 / SM-G928S / SM-G928T / SM-G928W8 / SM-J700F / SM-J700H / SM-J700M / GT-N7000 / GT-N700B / GT-N7100 / GT-N7100T / GT-N7102 / GT-N7102I / GT-N7105 / GT-N7105T / GT-N7108 / GT-N8000 / GT-N8005 / GT-N8010 / GT-N8013 / GT-N8020 / SM-N750 / SM-N7500Q / SM-N7505 / SM-N7505L / SM-N7506V / SM-N7507 / SM-N900 / SM-N900Q / SM-N910C / SM-N910CQ / SM-N910H / SM-N910K / SM-N910L / SM-N910S / SM-N910U / SM-N9200 / Sm-N9208 / SM-N9208 / SM-N920A / SM-N920C / SM-N920CD / SM-N920F / SM-N920G / SM-N920I / SM-N920K / SM-N920L / SM-N920S / SM-N920T / SM-N920V / SM-N920W8 / SM-T375L / SM-T375S / SM-T3777
Qualcomm MI Account Removal Improved
MTK Flasher Improved
Samsung New Frp Method Fixed
Many Bugs are Fixed
Stay tuned we have lot more for upcoming updates.
WARNING : IMEI Changing is illegal in Most of Countries. IMEI Repair is Intended to Repair IMEI to its Original IMEI Written in Phone Back Under Battery.
We are not responsible for any Problem caused by mis-using this Function. User will be Sole Responsible for any illegal Activity done by using this Function.
No Box , No Dongle , No Tension of any Harware Damage or any Driver Installations.
No need of waiting for any Shiping or any Stock availabilty, Just Download ,get Register and buy Activation.
Download Link

UAT Setup 3.01

Official Website :-
Uni-Android Tool ? Multi Platform Android Tool
Support : -
Offical Turkey Support Forum :- www.gsmkolik.com
Official Indian Support forum :- Uni-Android Tool Support Forum
Official Resellers :-
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