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Jul 4, 2017

SigmaKey v2.25.07. New line of Huawei smartphones Setup Download

Sigma v.2.25.07. New line of Huawei smartphones.

.Sigma Software v.2.25.07
.5 years on the market,
300 updates which has improved our product and made it 300 times better.
.Today we are glad to present support for
.the new line of Huawei smartphones.
.QCOM Tab:
.Released Repair IMEI, Get bootloader code, FRP and
Huawei ID remove features for Huawei:
 CAN-AL00 / CAN-AL10
 CAN-L01 / CAN-L02 / CAN-L03 / CAN-L11 / CAN-L12 / CAN-L13
 CAN-TL10 / CAN-TL20 / CAZ-AL00
Nova Plus
 MLA-L01 / MLA-L02 / MLA-L03
 MLA-L11 / MLA-L12 / MLA-L13
G9 Plus
 MLA-TL00 / MLA-TL10 / MLA-UL00
.Maimang 5
 MLA-AL00 / MLA-AL10 / MLA-CL00
HiSilicon Tab:
Released Unlock, Repair IMEI, Get bootloader code, FRP and
.Huawei ID remove features for Huawei:
Honor 8 pro  DUK-L09 Honor V9 / 8 Pro
DUK-AL10 / DUK-AL20 / DUK-AL30
 DUK-L09 / DUK-TL30 / DUK-AL00 / DUK-L29
.Honor 9  STF-AL10
P10 Plus
 VKY-AL00 / VKY-L29 / VKY-L09
 VTR-L09 / VTR-L29 / VTR-TL00 / VTR-AL00
 LON-AL00 / LON-CL00 / LON-L09 / LON-L29 / LON-TL10B
.Mate 9
 MHA-AL10 / MHA-L09 / MHA-L29 / MHA-TL00

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