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Mar 8, 2017

Samsung Galaxy J1 (SM-J100H) Emmc Repair Done & flash File Download

---------- eMMC Device Information ----------

EMMC CID : 90014A48344732621101B10181FA22D8
EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0090 , OEM ID: 014A
EMMC Date: 02/2015 Rev.0x1
EMMC NAME: H4G2b , S/N: 2969666042
EMMC NAME (HEX): 48344732622000
EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 3728 MB
EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC ROM3 (Boot Partition 2) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC Permanent Write Protection: No
EMMC Temporary Write Protection: No
EMMC Password Locked: No
Extended CSD rev 1.6 (MMC 4.5)
Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x08] Boot from:ROM2 (Boot Partition 1)
Boot bus config [177]: 0x00 , width 1bit , Partition config [179]: 0x08.
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x00
High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x00000000]
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x07
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced tech.
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
Backup saved: H4G2b _2969666042_20170306_1825.extcsd

Checking NAND Image : C:\Users\burhan barq\Desktop\SM-J100h_J100HXCU0AOD4_ROM1_OK.bin
File successefuly loaded!

Checking NAND Image : C:\ProgramData\Z3XAppsData\Backups\H4G2b _2969666042_20170306_1825.extcsd
File successefuly loaded!

Processing file...C:\ProgramData\Z3XAppsData\Backups\H4G2b _2969666042_20170306_1825.extcsd
ROM1 Are not selected , skip writing ROM1
Processing file...C:\Users\burhan barq\Desktop\SM-J100h_J100HXCU0AOD4_ROM1_OK.bin
ROM3 Are not selected , skip writing ROM3
Running:Repair extCSD...
Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Skip loading eMMC Addon Firmware
CMD Pullup Level:2083 mV
CMD Active Level:2454 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:14000 khz

Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Skip loading eMMC Addon Firmware
CMD Pullup Level:2083 mV
CMD Active Level:2454 mV
Input file : C:\Users\burhan barq\Desktop\SM-J100h_J100HXCU0AOD4_ROM1_OK.bin
Writing 0000400000 bytes to 00000000 ...ROM2 (BOOT1 ROM)
Done. Write Speed: 1348 kB/s

Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.

Loading eMMC Addon Firmware... IO: 2800 mV
Box S/N: 181809025F7C460E, ,FW Ver.: 01.58
CMD Pullup Level:2072 mV
CMD Active Level:2475 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:14000 khz
HiPower mode is off!          DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE
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