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Dec 26, 2016

Volcano Inferno Spd V1.1.2 Setup Download

Volcano Inferno Spd V1.1.2 Added SPD Frp & SPD Android 6.x - Free Inferno For All


* Volcano none activated will be able able to use Inferno suite for free till 31.12.2016.
* Volcano box and Inferno dongle activated will benefit of 1 week more for free added to their counter
* Inferno dongle none activated will benefit of 1 extra week of usage
Hope you guys will enjoy!!

VolcanoBox Team Presents INFERNO SPD V1.1.2

Added New Android6.x Boot for SPD SC7730 & SPD SC7731
Supported Functions
Read info
Read Flash
Write Flash
Format FFs
Backup Phone Book
Added SPD FRP Unlock
Support Cpu[/COLOR]
SPD SC7730
SPD SC7731
SPD 8830

Download Now : Index of ./VolcanoBox/Inferno - VolcanoBox 3.0/

Previous Update Contents...
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Request from VolcanoTeam...
VolcanoTeam Requesting you to please Recommend INFERNO to all of your Friends. Talk with those who have VolcanoBox who don't have Merapi or Who have Merapi Activated Please ask them Just Try to use Inferno and Feel the Difference. i hope those guys will Enjoy alot.
Please ask your Friends to USE Inferno.
All VolcanoBox Users Please try Inferno MTK & Inferno SPD. you will simply love it.

like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GPGINDUSTRIESWORLD

$$$$$$$$ Win 3 month of inferno activation $$$$$$$$

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All users please BE WARE. - [Click to open]

Important notice about "30xxxxxx1006" - [Click to open]

INFERNO TOOL 100% FREE for 1 Month for All VOLCANO BOX
MERAPI TOOL 100% free for All VOLCANO BOX ( no time limit ) 
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