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Nov 1, 2016

DC Unlocker client V 1.00.1336 News

DC-Unlocker Unlimited Huawei FRP unlock feature added

240+ models and modifications unlimited FRP unlock added
With this feature can unlock unlimited FRP Hisilicon, Qualcomm and Mediatek based phones .

Huawei Ascend G7 Pliu RIO-AL00 Huawei Ascend G7 Plius RIO-L01
Huawei Ascend G7 Plius RIO-TL00 Huawei Ascend G7 Plius RIO-CL00
Huawei Ascend G7 Plius RIO-UL00 Huawei Ascend G740 G740-L00
Huawei Ascend G8 RIO-L01 Huawei Ascend G8 RIO-L02 Huawei Ascend G8 RIO-L03
Huawei Ascend G8 RIO-TL00 Huawei Ascend Y538 Y538-A1 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-CL00
Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-L01 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-L02 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-L03 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-L23 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-U02 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-U03 Huawei Ascend Y560 Y560-U23 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCC-U21 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-AL00
Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-CL00 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L01 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L02
Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L03 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L04 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L21
Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-L32 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-TL00 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-TL00H
Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-TL10 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-TL10H Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-U03
Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-U21 Huawei Ascend Y6 SCL-U23 Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-AL00
Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-CL10 Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-L01 Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-L02 Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-TL00 Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro TIT-U02 Huawei ECO LUA-L03
Huawei ECO LUA-L13  Huawei ECO LUA-L23 Huawei G Power TIT-U02 Huawei G9 VNS-DL00 Huawei G9 VNS-TL00 Huawei G9 Lite VNS-AL00 Huawei GR3 TAG-L01  Huawei GR3TAG-L03 Huawei GR3 TAG-L13 Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Huawei GR3 TAG-L22 Huawei GR3 TAG-L23  Huawei GR3 TAG-L32  Huawei GR5 KII-L21 Huawei GR5 KII-L22 Huawei GR5 KII-L23 Huawei Holly2 plus TIT-AL00 Huawei Holly2 plus TIT-CL10 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-AL00
Huawei Honor 4A SCL-CL00 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L01 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L02 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L03 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L04 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L21 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-L32 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-TL00 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-TL00HHuawei Honor 4ASCL TL10 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-TL10H Huawei Honor 4A SCL-U03Huawei Honor 4A SCL-U21 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-U23 Huawei Honor 4A SCL-U31 Huawei Honor 4C Pro TIT-L01 Huawei Honor 4C Pro TIT-TL00 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L03 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L03E Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L21 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L22 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L23 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L32 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-L53 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-TL00 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-TL00E Huawei Honor 5A CAM-TL00H Huawei Honor 5A CAM-U22 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-UL00 Huawei Honor 5A CAM-UL00E Huawei Honor 5C NEM-AL00 Huawei Honor 5C NEM-AL10 Huawei Honor 5C NEM-L21 Huawei Honor 5C NEM-L22 Huawei Honor 5C NEM-L51
Huawei Honor 5C NEM-TL00 Huawei Honor 5C NEM-TL00H Huawei Honor 5C NEM-UL10
Huawei Honor 5X KIW-AL10 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-AL10G Huawei Honor 5X KIW-AL20
Huawei Honor 5X KIW-CL00 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L21 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L22 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L23 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-TL00 Huawei Honor 5X KIW-TL00H Huawei Honor 5X KIW-UL00 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-AL10 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-C00 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-L01 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-L11 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-L21 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-TL00 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-TL01H Huawei Honor 7 PLK-TL11H Huawei Honor 7 PLK-UL00 Huawei Honor 7 PLK-UL00IN Huawei Honor 7 PLK-UL10 Huawei Honor 7 Lite NEM-L21
Huawei Honor 7i ATH-AL00 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-CL00 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-TL00 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-TL00H Huawei Honor 7i ATH-UL00 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-UL01 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-UL06 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-UL11 Huawei Honor 7i ATH-UL16 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-AL00
Huawei Honor 8 FRD-AL00A Huawei Honor 8 FRD-AL10 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-DL00 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L02 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L04 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L09 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L19 Huawei Honor 8 FRD-TL00 Huawei Honor V8 KNT-CL00 Huawei Honor V8 Premium Edition KNT-AL20 Huawei Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-AL10 Huawei Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-L09 Huawei Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-TL10 Huawei Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-UL10 Huawei Huawei Honor Note 8 Premium Edition EDI-AL10 Huawei Huawei Honor Note 8 Standard Edition EDI-DL00 Huawei MATE 8 NXT-AL10A Huawei MATE 8 NXT-AL10B Huawei MATE 8 NXT-AL10C Huawei MATE 8 NXT-CL00A Huawei MATE 8 NXT-CL00B Huawei MATE 8 NXT-DL00A Huawei MATE 8 NXT-DL00B Huawei MATE 8 NXT-L09A Huawei MATE 8 NXT-L09B Huawei MATE 8 NXT-L29A Huawei MATE 8 NXT-L29B Huawei MATE 8 NXT-TL00A
Huawei MATE 8 NXT-TL00B  Huawei MATE S CRR-CL00 Huawei MATE S CRR-CL20 Huawei MATE S CRR-L09 Huawei MATE S CRR-TL00 Huawei MATE S CRR-UL00 Huawei MATE S CRR-UL20 Huawei MediaPad M2 M2-801L Huawei MediaPad M2 M2-801w  Huawei MediaPad M2 M2-802L Huawei MediaPad M2 M2-803L Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-701L Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-703L Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-703LT Huawei MediaPad X2 GEM-701L Huawei MediaPad X2 GEM-702L Huawei MediaPad X2 GEM-703L Huawei MediaPad X2 GEM-703LT Huawei ORANGE DIVE 70 SCL-L01 Huawei P8 GRA-CL00 Huawei P8 GRA-CL10 Huawei P8 GRA-L03 Huawei P8 GRA-L09 Huawei P8 GRA-L13 Huawei P8 GRA-TL00 Huawei P8 GRA-TL10 Huawei P8 GRA-UL00 Huawei P8 GRA-UL10 Huawei P8lite ALE-CL00 Huawei P8lite ALE-L01 Huawei P8lite ALE-L02 Huawei P8lite ALE-L03 Huawei P8lite ALE-L04 Huawei P8lite ALE-L21 Huawei P8lite ALE-L22 Huawei P8lite ALE-L23 Huawei P8lite ALE-L32 Huawei P8lite ALE-L34 Huawei P8lite ALE-L52 Huawei P8lite ALE-L53 Huawei P8lite ALE-L62 Huawei P8lite ALE-TL00 Huawei P8lite ALE-UL00 Huawei P8lite Smart TAG-L01 Huawei P8max DAV-701L Huawei P8max DAV-702L Huawei P8max DAV-703L Huawei P8max DAV-713L Huawei P9 EVA-AL00 Huawei P9 EVA-AL10 Huawei P9 EVA-CL00 Huawei P9 EVA-DL00 Huawei P9 EVA-L09 Huawei P9 EVA-L09J Huawei P9 EVA-L19 Huawei P9 EVA-L29 Huawei P9 EVA-TL00 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L01 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L02 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L03 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L11 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L21 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L22 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L31 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L53 Huawei P9 Lite VNS-TL00 Huawei Y3II LUA-L01
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