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Aug 27, 2016

Chimera Tool LG FRP Remove News

Dear ChimeraTool Users,
ChimeraTool update: v11.20.1146

LG FRP lock remove(233 models)
LG-402LG LG Spray LG-AS811 Lg G4 LG-D150
 LG L35 LG-D150G LG L35 LG-D160 LG L40 LG-D160F LG L40 LG-D160G LG L40 LG-D160J LG L40 LG-D165AR LG L40
LG-D165G LG L40 LG-D170 LG L40 Dual LG-D280F LG Optimus L65 LG-D280G LG Optimus L65 LG-D280N LG Optimus L65
LG-D290AR LG L Fino LG-D290G LG L Fino LG-D290N LG L Fino LG-D295 LG G2 Lite Dual LG-D295F LG L Fino LG-D300F LG Fireweb D300 LG-D315 LG F70 LG-D315S LG F70
LG-D320 LG L70 LG-D320AR LG L70 LG-D320F LG L70
LG-D320F8 LG L70 LG-D320G8 LG L70 LG-D320N LG L70 LG-D321 LG Optimus L70 LG-D325 LG L70 Dual LG-D325F8 LG L70
LG-D325G8 LG L70 LG-D370TR LG L80 LG-D373 LG L80
LG-D373EU LG L80 LG-D375AR LG L80 LG-D380 LG L80 Dual
LG-D385 LG L80 Dual LG-D390 LG F60 LG-D390AR LG F60 LG-D390N LG F60
LG-D390NS LG F60 LG-D392D LG F60 LG-D393 LG F60 LG-D400H LG L90 LG-D400HN LG L90 LG-D405N LG L90 LG-D410 LG L90 DUAL LG-D410H LG L90 LG-D410HN LG L90
LG-D415 LG L90 LG-D610 LG G2 Mini 3G LG-D610AR LG G2 Mini 3G LG-D618 LG G2 Mini Dual LG-D620 LG G2 Mini LTE LG-D620K LG G2 Mini LG-D620R LG G2 Mini LG-D631 LG G Vista LG-D722 LG G3 S LG-D722AR LG G3 Beat LG-D722J LG G3 Beat LTE LG-D722K LG G3 Beat TD-LTE LG-D722P LG G3 Beat LG-D722PA LG G3 Beat LG-D722V LG G3 S LG-D723 LG G3 Beat LG-D723TR LG G3 Beat LG-D724 LG G3 S Dual LG-D725 LG G3 Vigor LG-D725PR LG G3 S LG-D727 LG G3 Vigor 4G LTE LG-D800 LG G2 LG-D801 LG G2 LG-D802 LG G2
LG-D803 LG G2 LG-D805 LG G2 4G LTE LG-D806 LG G2 3G LG-D850 LG G3 LG-D850PR LG G3 LG-D851 LG G3 LG-D852 LG G3 LG-D852G LG G3 LG-D855 LG G3 LG-D855AR LG G3
LG-D855P LG G3 LG-D855RE LG G3 LG-D855TR LG G3 LG-D855V LG G3 LG-D950 LG G Flex LG-D951 LG G Flex LG-D955 LG G Flex LG-D956 LG G Flex LG-D958 LG G Flex
LG-D959 LG G Flex LG-F320K LG G2 LTE-A LG-F320L LG G2 LTE-A LG-F370K LG F70
LG-F400L LG-F400L LG-F400S LG G3 LTE-A LG-F500K LG-F500K LG-F500L LG-F500L
LG-F540L LG-F540L LG-H220 LG Joy LG-H221AR LG Kite LG-H221F LG Joy LG-H221G LG Joy LG-H222F LG Joy LG-H222G LG Joy LG-H340AR LG Leon 4G LTE LG-H340F LG Leon LTELG-H340GT LG-H340GT LG-H340Y LG Leon LTE LG-H342F LG Leon LG-H345 Leon LTE T-Mobile LG-H410 LG Wine Smart LG-H440 LG Spirit 4G LTE LG-H440AR LG Spirit 4G LTE
LG-H440F LG Spirit LTE LG-H440N LG Spirit 4G LTE LG-H441 LG G3 LG-H443 LG Escape 2
LG-H445 LG Escape 2

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