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Apr 28, 2016

BST Dongle Released V 3.30.00 News

BST Dongle Released V3.30.00

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Added MTK Read ScreenLock(Pattern/PIN/Password) via GPU method, improved read screenlock speed.
Added Samsung Reset FRP(Factory Reset Protection) lock patch files£¬solved cannot reset frp lock after upgrade phone version.
Added Samsung Repair DRK(Device Root Key) patch files, solved DRK problem cannot power on or void your warranty.

> Added SM-A9100 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-A9000 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-A7100 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-A5100 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-T357T {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-T357W {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-J320YZ {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-J320P {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-T707V {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert,Bypass MSL}
> Added SM-G920R6 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SM-G920R7 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SM-G925R6 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SM-G925R7 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SCV31 {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SM-T805K {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Write Cert}
> Added SM-T805L {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Write Cert}
> Added SM-T805S {Flash,ScreenLock,Unlock,Read/Write/Wipe EFS,Write Cert}
> Added SM-G9300 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G9308 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930P {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930R4 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930V {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930A {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930AZ {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930T {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930T1 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G9350 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G935P {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G935R4 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G935V {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G935A {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G935T {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SM-G930F {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G930W8 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G930K {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G930L {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G930S {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G935F {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G935W8 {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G935K {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G935L {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-G935S {Flash,ScreenLock,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SM-N9200 {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-N9200 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-N920S {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SC-05G {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-G9200 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G920S {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G920P {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G925F {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-G925P {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G925S {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G9250 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G9280 {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-G9280 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G9287 {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-G9287 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G9300 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G9350 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G930F {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G935F {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added SM-G935K {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added GT-I9301I {OneKey Recovery(4.4.x)}
> Added SM-N9009 {OneKey Recovery(5.0.x)}
> Added SM-T807P {OneKey Recovery(4.4.x)}
> Added SM-A5009 {OneKey Recovery(4.4.x)}
> Added SM-A7000 {OneKey Recovery(5.0.x)}
> Added SM-A7100 {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-A9000 {OneKey Recovery(5.1.x)}
> Added SM-A9100 {OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}


> Added MI4LTE-CT {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0.x)}
> Added MI4LTE-CU {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0.x)}
> Added MI4LTE-CMCC {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0.x)}
> Added MI4C {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added MI4S {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(6.0.x)}
> Added MI4I {ScreenLock,OneKey Recovery(5.0.x/5.1.x)}


> Added MTK6595 {Read Info,Enable USB Debug}
> Added MTK6595 {Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)}
> Added MTK6595 {Read ScreenLock(Pattern/PIN)}
> Added MTK6572/6575/6577 {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6582/6589 {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6592/6595 {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6732/6732M {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6735/6735M {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6752/6753 {Read ScreenLock(Password)}
> Added MTK6795 {Read ScreenLock(Password)}


> Added MTK Read ScreenLock(Pattern/PIN/Password) via GPU method, improved read screenlock speed.
> Added Samsung "Enable UART" option (Samsung > Service > Repair)
> Added Samsung "Repair DRK" option (Samsung > Service > Repair)
> Optimized Samsung flash function, supported s6/s6+/s7/NOTE5 latest models
> Optimized Samsung flash function, supported *.bsp file flash
> Optimized Samsung "Bypass MSL" for qualcomm base models
> Optimized "OneKey Recovery" UI
> Fixed Samsung PXA1908 base model (SM-J100F/FN/G/M/MU/Y,SM-J110F/G/M,SM-G361F,SM-G388F,SM-G531F/M/Y,SM-T239/7/C/M) {Unlock,(Super)IMEI}

* About MTK Read ScreenLock via GPU method, the speed depends on your computer graphics card, will read screenlock via CPU method if you GPU not supported brute-force attacks.
* Samsung "Enable UART" need rooted, this option for built-in battery and uart communiation disabled models. (eg: SM-A710x,SM-A800x,SM-A900x)
* About Samsung "Reset FRP Lock" patch files(*.bsp):
1).Flahing FRP patch files via BST (Support: Samsung_SW/!REPAIR_UNLOCK/Reset-FRP-Patch/)
2).Reset FRP Lock (Samsung > Unlock > Reset FRP/EE)
3).Flashing stock roms

* About Samsung "Repair DRK" patch files(*.bsp):
1).Flashing DRK patch files via BST (Support: Samsung_SW/!REPAIR_UNLOCK/COMBINATION/)
2).Repair DRK (Samsung > Service > Repair > Repair DRK)
3).Flashing stock roms

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